Spirituality & Gender

Black might be pushing it…

You see they don’t believe and then in an adrenaline infused moment they pause as time freezes and exclaim “Oh my God!”… It’s only by pushing an unsuspecting atheist over a cliff that you are able to expose them for the hypocrites that they are. This… is why I’m agnostic.

You get a chance to express that statement in a moment of anguish or peril, or even an extremely funny situation… like an old man falling down a flight of stairs, in which case the statement expresses both your horror and that mysterious reason for why a part of you finds this funny.

Well I’m not sure if I’m agnostic, I mean I’m open to all possibilities really. It’s an infinite universe, so statistically speaking the outcomes are infinite, so sure he might or might not be… however it is safer, and less hypocritical, if you believe he does.

Mullet clad feminists leaped with pointing fingers bellowing who says God is a “He”?   

It’s a failed argument, and frequently taboo, but you heathens no longer care… You cannot leave the mysterious be without questioning gender as well?

Fine I will be the one to settle it, despite the fact that I would rather not discuss these matters, for the faithful are abundant, and the extremists are twice that amount…

If we should place a gender assumption then it is without doubt male. I blindly accept that as a belief, I mean come on; does anyone want a God that is extra wrathful and full of vengeance with absolutely no reason whatsoever, three to five days a month? (You even attended mass every-freakin’-day)

But enough spiritual talk lest a man be deemed a heretic, and in a lot of cases that has been deemed harmful to one’s health… perhaps even of fatal consequences.

 So… it seems there is a lack of topics to converse about as I believe the steady rising temperature bordering on fifty Celsius (the equivalent of some absurd number in Fahrenheit that makes it sound like the temperature of the sun) has managed to vaporize whatever thoughts, reason or logic that might have ever resided within my cranium.

What is a purpose of a lap dance? It seems to me that a lap dance is the equivalent of being starving, absolutely famished, and then seated down at a table filled with all your heart could desire of food and delicacies, but all you are allowed to do is smell and observe the food… it’s just absurd…

That was my final thought, so, in the words of Monty Python, and now for something completely different…

5 Responses to “Spirituality & Gender”
  1. frankus says:

    Gods , godesses and lapdances. Sounds like the title of ur biography.

  2. kentwotimes says:

    I didn’t even wonder why God is a He.. I think whoever made the decision, made the right choice. We don’t want to rain blood, do we?

    • Kaies says:

      In our attempts to teach criedhln faith in things they cannot see .we fill their heads with nonsense about Fat men in red suits sneaking in thru chimenys, with flying reindeer ..magical bunnies, that give out easter eggs and jellybeans little fairies, that leave quarters under our pillow when we lose a tooth and so forth ..so that by the time they are ready and old enough to grasp religion- ..we have already LIED to them, about mythical beings countless times. Is it any wonder then, that so many wonder if Jesus isn’t just another one of our stupid lies,? If we raised kids HONESTLY ..and truthfully without all the DECEIT ..they might accept Jesus as, well .GOSPEL, if our track records weren’t so piss poor by then. Why should a child believe in Jesus, after we told him Santa was real,, the easter bunny was real, and the tooth fairy was real? .If I was that kid .I’d say you’re full of sh*t-

  3. Myrz says:

    I wouldn’t want God to be a she, the way things are in the world , I’m not a fan of Hes let alone Shes

  4. Victoria says:

    Natural utpriisality. Humans aren’t born utpriisal. They are brainwashed to be utpriisal.Very few people CHOOSE their religions. The religion they believe in is the one their parents brainwashed in them. My parents tried to brainwash me to worship the Pope. But, i got tired of watching MEN priests. MEN priests. MEN priests. MEN priests. MEN priests.That ruined my utpriisality. I get it now. Religion was invented by men and the men who invented it were sexists JERKS

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